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Freelance marketeer & Swedish translator

Generate growth in Sweden

Are you entering (or already on) the swedish market, but don´t have a native swedish speaker or the capacity to translate and/or execute the marketing campaigns within the company? Then you have come to the right place! As freelance marketeer and swedish translator, I will help you to adjust your strategy for the Swedish market and to remove the language and cultural barriers. An easy and flexible solution for you!

What can I do for you?

I´m an experienced marketeer both within online and offline marketing. No matter if your goal is sales, leads, loyalty, action or anything else, I will help you set up creative, successful and measurable activities.

My expertise is within below areas:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It is easier said than done to rank high in the search engines as it takes quite some research to find the keywords that both have enough search volume and a keyword difficulty level where you can compete. When you find the sweet spot and implement it in the right way, you will profit from top positions and more traffic to your website.

Direct Marketing

Would you believe me if I told you there is an easy way to increase your amount of email conversions with up to 120%? It is possible if you combine Email marketing with Offline Direct Mail. This hypothesis has been proven again and again in several companies and I know the “secret” ingredients to make it work.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you want other websites to promote your products/services while you only pay (CPA) commission when the customers actually make a purchase? Then you should start with affiliate marketing. I can either help you start up from scratch, or help you set up a strategy to maximize the affiliate result for your business!

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is more important than ever. Many huge companies are shifting budgets from TV to channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This is where the customers are active. Make sure to be present on Social Media today, to ensure you develop along with the market.

Yes please, send me a free quotation!


Swedish translation, content creation & transcreation

To write authentic content, cultural aspects and characteristics needs to be taken into consideration. As native Swedish translator I write professional, inspirational or functional content, from Dutch to Swedish or English to Swedish. Your goal and use of the content decide the tone of voice! 

Multimedia translations

Videos, infographics, animations etc.

Commercial translations

Newsletters, social media, surveys etc.

Website translations

Websites, softwares, apps etc.

Administrative translations

Management texts, documentations etc.

Technical translations

Manuals, guides, instructions etc.

Delivery time translations: 1000 words per working day

Additional to the Swedish translations, copy creation and transcreation, I offer keyword research to ensure the text is optimized towards the most profitable keywords.

100% satisfaction guarantee

for all translations and texts.

  • Translation €0,13 per word / €35 per hour
  • Transcreation €49 per hour
  • Copy creation €49 per hour
  • Keyword research €49 per hour
  • Marketing €49 per hour
  • Minimum fee €49
All prices are excl. VAT
Complete revision of copy is always included in the price.

About me

I´m Nina, born and raised in Gnesta just outside of Stockholm and I´m since 2010 living in The Hague, Netherlands. With over 7 years of marketing experience at large international companies both on the Dutch and Swedish market, I know what is necessary to grow your business in Sweden.

Marketing & Copy Experience

Merchant support 1,5 years

Swedish marketeer 4 years

Online marketeer 2 years

Website Coordinator Since September 2018


NT2 I (Dutch state exam)
NIMA Marketing A
NIMA Consumer Marketing B


Dutch Swedish Translations
English Swedish Translations
Basic knowledge Norwegian
Basic knowledge Danish

Why hire me?

Reliable and on time
Will think alone with you
to ensure the best end result

Feel free to contact me with any topic or question!

Nina Brandel

I will answer your e-mail within 48 hours (excl. weekends and bank holidays).

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